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Bakaa neighborhood

Terror Attack Place:

Jerusalem Bakaa

Commemoration Site:



Jerusalem area



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On Sunday October 21st 1990 an Arab terrorist came to the “Bakaa” neighborhood in Jerusalem to kill Jews.

First he met the soldier Iris Azulai and stabbed her to death.

Then he met Eli Altaretz and stabbed him to death.

Finally he met with police man Shalom (Charley) Shlush and stabbed him, Charley managed to shoot the terrorist in his legs before dying.

Eli Altaretz was 43 years old, Charley Shlush was 26 and Iris Azulai was 19.


Charley Shlush was decorated after his death and is mentioned in the memorial pages of the police web site. (In Hebrew)

The event is described in the New York Times article.

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