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Place of kidnapping

Terror Attack Place:

Alon Shvut junction

Commemoration Site:

Alon Shevut


Judaia and Sameria



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On June 12th, 2014, Gil-ad Shayer, 16, and his friend Naftali Frenket, 16 from their Yeshiva in Kefar Etzion on their home for the Shabat. Near Alon Shevut a car with Israeli plates offered them a ride, and they went into the car.
Shortly after they understood that the two men in the car are terrorists and that they are being kidnapped. With a lot of courage, Gil-Ad managed to call the police and let them know that they are kidnapped.
For 18 they the army searched the area for the 3 boys. The operation was called “Shuvu Achim”, return brothers.
On June 30th, their bodies were discovered in a shallow grave. They were murdered closely to the kidnap.
In July as a result of action taken against the Hamas who claimed responsibility of the kidnapping, the IDF started operation “Protective edge” in Gaza.