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JNF Forest near the Kibbutz

Terror Attack Place:


Commemoration Site:

Kibutz Alumim


Negev and Southern Israel



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On Thursday, October 16th, 1969, Yehuda Keinan, 24 years old, went with a friend to the fields of Kibbutz Alumim in the Negev.

The field they went to plow was only two kiometer from Gaza, Yehuda went ahead in a Jeep and his friend followed with the Tractor.

During the night terrorists coming from Gaza planted five land mines at the curve in the road.

Yehuda went on one of the mines and died of his wounds after five days.

At the place were he went on the mine and using the old Jeep remains his friends at the Kibbutz planted with JNF a small forest and made the place a commemoration site to his memory.

At mid 2008 the site went through an uplift, the reamins of the Jeep were cleand and painted and the memorial plate was located on a stone rather than on the Jeep.


Yehuda keinan

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