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A park near his house

Terror Attack Place:

Afula Eged centarl station

Commemoration Site:

Ramat Zvi


Golan and Northern Israel



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On Tuesday, November 27th, 2001, two palestinians terrorists from Jenin entered the central Egged station in Afula and opened fire on the crowd waiting for buses. from there they continues running toward the near by market while shooting at everything at sight. the Police chased them and killed both terrorists.


Few people were wounded and two were killed.

Michal Mor and Noam Gozovski, 23 years old.


Noam was on a long trip abroad and just return the day before to israel, he made a stop in Tel Aviv at his girl friend's house and then continued hom to ramat Zvi.

He was killed before reaching home and seeing his parents.




Noam Gozovski

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