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Place of kidnapping

Terror Attack Place:

Alon Shvut Junction

Commemoration Site:

Alon Shevut


Judaia and Sameria



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On Thursday evening, June 12th, 2014, at about 10pm, three youngsters, Eyal Yifrach, 18 years old, Yaakov Naftali Frenkel, 16 years old and Gil-Ad Shaer, 16 years old boarded a car in Alon-Shevut junction to get to their homes. Few minutes later Gil-Ad Shaer called the police emergency line whispering “I was kidnapped”. In the police recording some Arab voices and shots were heard following the whisper. It is assumed that at that point the kidnappers shot the three boys and killed them.
The bodies were buried in a field near the village of Halhul and the kidnappers fled the scene to the south, burning the car and went into hiding. (Until this day – end of August they were not captured)
The IDF went on operation “return the brothers” but 18 days later on June 30 the bodies were found. The three were buried in Modi’in cemetery one near the other.
The kidnappers were identified as Hamas operatives from Hebron. On August 20, Hamas official approved the Hamas militant group did the act, kidnapping and killing the three boys.
Photos are from INN (Arutz 7) web site.