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Place of attack

Terror Attack Place:

Brussels Jewish Museum

Commemoration Site:






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On Saturday May 24, 2014, a Muslim terrorist entered the Jewish museum in Brussels and opened fire from an AK-47 assault rifle. Four people were murdered, Alexandre Strens, 25 years old, a young Belgian working in the Museum.
Alexandre Strens, who worked at the museum was critically wounded[13] and eventually died of his wounds on 6 June. He was born in Morocco to a Jewish mother and Algerian Berber father, and his body was returned to Taza, Morocco for burial in a Muslim cemetery.
Dominique Sabrier, a French citizen who volunteered in the museum was also killed and two Israelis, Emanuel Riva, 54 years old and his wife Miryam, 53 years old, both from Tel Aviv.
The museum was reopened four months after the attack and memorial plate was put at the entrance to the museum to commemorate the four.