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Street in his hometowan

Terror Attack Place:

Near Hebron

Commemoration Site:



Central Israel



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On April 14, 2014, eve of Passover, Police officer Baruch Mizrachi, 46 years old, was driving with his family to celebrate the Passover “Seder” in Kiriyat Arba, near Hebron.
When approaching Hebron near Tarkumiya road, a terrorist who stood at the side of the road opened fire, killing Baruch and wounding his wife, in the car were with them their five children, some were wounded as well.
Mizrachi was head of the Sigint unit in the Intelligence branch of the police. He was a 25 years veteran of the IDF in Intelligence units. Mizrachi served in the police for three and half years before killed in the terror attack.
A street was named after him in his home town , Modi’in.


Baruch Mizrachi